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टमाटर (आदि -2172) / Tomato (Aadi-2172) 10 Gram

Quick Overview

Plant Type: Determinate Plant with long duration harvest.

First Harvest : 65-67 days after Transplanting.

Fruit Shape: Flat round with very firm fruits in cluster.

Fruit Colour: Shiny Dark Red Average

Fruit Weight: 80-100 gm

Special Characters: Heavy yielder, good tolerance for TYLCV & Early Blight. Good in Winter & Early summer season sowing. Very good for longer distance transportation.

Sowing Season: The sowing season is from September to November.

Recommended Locality for Sowing: - Rajasthan, West Bengal and Bihar States.

Manufactured By:-Nongwoo Seed India Pvt Ltd.

Marketed By:- Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative Ltd. (IFFDC)

Sold By:- IFFCO eBazar Ltd.

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